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Concrete Flatwork for Eagle Mountain, UT Homes

For the best in concrete flatwork, Eagle Mountain, UT-area residents call Concrete Champs. We’ve spent the past ten years improving the properties of homeowners throughout the Utah and Salt Lake counties with outstanding service and exceptional workmanship. We always use high-quality concrete for every job to ensure excellent and long-lasting results. For customized flatwork, we’ll add the color, stain, or texture that suits your taste and complements the exterior of your home, adding value to your property and envy from your neighbors.

concrete stairs leading to a landing

What is Flatwork & How Does It Help My Home?

The aesthetics and condition of your property’s exterior substantially affect your home’s value. When selling a home, you want it to have curb appeal for prospective buyers, and the features with function like your driveway and patio play a big part. Keeping your property’s concrete features in good condition also improves their function and allows you to customize its appearance to suit your tastes and the look of your home and property. Flatwork is the process of laying a concrete surface by pouring, shaping, and grading liquid concrete, and then texturing it. Common types of flatwork we install for residential properties are:

  • Garage Slabs
  • Driveways
  • Patio Surfaces
  • Sidewalks and Walkways
  • RV Pads
  • And More

Flatwork Customizations to Consider

With concrete, we can alter the aesthetics with textures and colors to look like stone, wood, or brick. Even a broom finish or exposed aggregate can add class and character to your exterior surfaces. Some examples of customizations for your concrete include:

  • Colors – We can mix your choice of color tone in with the concrete to get a variety of color options for your flatwork. Concrete isn’t just isolated to the commonly seen bland, sandy color.
  • Stamped Patterns and Textures – Ask us to add a sophisticated touch to your concrete with stamped textures and patterns. You can choose from a variety of stamp options.
  • Stains – Staining your concrete can help prevent chips and scratches in your concrete surface, and it’s a cost-friendly way to help the surface complement your home’s architectural style.

Serving Utah & Salt Lake Counties

Don’t hesitate to call us for a professional job on a driveway tear-out and new installation. For your home’s concrete flatwork, give us a call to get a free estimate on what your property needs to look its best.

Call Concrete Champs for Exceptional Service and Quality Work