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Rock Solid Concrete by Utah’s Only Concrete Champs!

Eagle Mountain, UT’s Residential Concrete Champions

Serving the Utah and Salt Lake Counties, including Eagle Mountain, UT, the residential concrete services of Concrete Champs are second to none in the area. We’ve spent the last ten years providing homes with walkways, driveways, RV pads, retaining walls, and more, made with high-grade concrete that lasts. You can also get staining and stamping for customized colors and textures to beautify your property. Every job we work ensures exceptional service and quality work to make your concrete surfaces beautiful, durable, and to your satisfaction. For new driveway tear outs and installations, you want the professionals of Concrete Champs.

Concrete Finishes
Concrete Retaining Walls
Concrete Repairs & Refinishes
Concrete flooring near the entrance

Our Comprehensive Concrete Services

Our thorough concrete services for residential properties in and around Eagle Mountain, UT include:

  • Flatwork – We pour perfect concrete flatwork for Utah County homes, including sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other concrete slabs.
  • Concrete Finishes – Your driveway or walkway can have a nice broom finish, stained and stamped pattern, or other concrete finish to add class and elegance to your exterior.
  • Concrete Retaining Walls – Whether it’s with poured concrete or concrete blocks, we install concrete retaining walls for classy hardscape features like raised flowerbeds.
  • Concrete Repairs and Refinishes – Restore your concrete surfaces damaged by time, wear, and weather with our precision concrete repairs and refinishes.
Staircase in a garden with concrete flooring

Quality That Meets Your Expectations

Concrete Champs puts its focus on providing every customer with high-quality service that meets your expectations. Your total satisfaction is our priority, from minor repair on your walkway to a completely new driveway with exposed aggregate. To see samples of our work, peruse our gallery page for exceptional jobs we’ve completed all around the Utah and Salt Lake Counties. We have a history of fulfilling the concrete needs of homeowners to elevate their home’s aesthetic and value, and we’ll always do everything we can to ensure that your expectations are met.

Concrete flooring at the entrance of the house

Call Concrete Champs for Excellence

For homeowners in the Utah and Salt Lake Counties who need repairs, resurfacing, or all new concrete work for your home, give us a call today and get a free estimate on your project.

Concrete Champs


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